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Course Description

01 - Pre and Post
01a - HyperWorks Introduction (3day)
01b - HyperWorks Advanced (2day)
01c - SimLab (1day)

02 - Solver
02a - OptiStruct Implicit (2day)
02b - OptiStruct Dynamics (2day)
02c - Radioss Explicit (2day)
02d - MotionSolve (2day)
02e - AcuSolve (2day)
02f - Optistruct Composites (2day)
02g - FEKO (3day)
02h - RADIOSS Composites (2day)

03 - Optimization
03a - OptiStruct Optimization (2day)
03b - HyperStudy (2day)

04 - Design
04a - Inspire (1day)

05 - Scripting
05a - HyperMesh Scripting (1day)
05b - HyperView Scripting (1day)
05c - HyperMath (1day)

06 - Available on Request
06a - HyperView (1day)

Altair Partner Alliance Products Training
AFDEX Advanced Customized Training
Amphyon Training
Basic Training to Quickly Use HUByx Body Model
CAEfatigue VIBRATION Online Training
CAEfatigue VIBRATION On-Site Training
ChassisSim Bootcamp
CONVERSE Fundamentals Training
DSHplus Hydraulic Libaries: Getting Expert (WEB)
DSHplus Hydraulic Libaries: Getting Professional (WEB)
DSHplus Hydraulic Libaries: Getting Started (WEB)
DSHplus Pneumatic Library: Pneumatic Systems (WEB)
DSHplus: Aerospace Applications (WEB)
DSHplus: Automobile Applications (WEB)
DSHplus: Piping Systems (WEB)
FEMFAT Advanced by Magna Powertrain – Fatigue Life Analysis
FEMFAT Basic by Magna Powertrain – Fatigue Life Analysis
HUByx Physical Training
Introduction to Santos® Pro Concepts, Conventions, and Techniques
KTex Family Physical Training
KTex LayUp Web-Based Training
KTex Pattern Web-Based Training
KTex Winding Web-Based Training
KTex Woven Property Web-Based Training
nanoFluidX by FluiDyna – CFD
NovaFlow&Solid Basic Training
NovaFlow&Solid Level 2 Training
StressCheck Advanced Web-Based Training in Fracture Mechanics
StressCheck Web-Based Basic Training plus Linear Elasticity

Analysis and Optimization
WinProp – Radio Network Planning Tool

Concept Design
INSPIRE - Structure