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01a - HyperWorks Introduction (3day)

It is targeted on basic knowledge about main tools and functions of Altair® HyperMesh, helping participants to well and easily approach its capabilities and methodology. HyperMesh allows to create, improve and speed-up FEM creation (Automation in creating 2D&3D mesh) and analysis set-up (driven process to write properly the input deck), as pre-processing environment helps user to dramatically reduce modelling time.

Participants are also provided with an introduction of HyperView that allows to visualize solver results and analyze test lab engineering data, as post-processing environment.

The trainer will guide you with a process driven & methodology approach that helps student to learn and explore our solution in real world applications, through the folowing topics:

  • HyperMesh (Day 1 and 2) 

    • Basic Interaction with HyperMesh Desktop
    • Geometry
    • 2D Meshing
    • Solids and 3D Meshing
    • 1D Meshing and Connectors
    • HyperMorph Introduction
    • Analysis Setup
    • Model Build & Assembly

  • HyperView (Day 3) 

    • HyperWorks Desktop Environment
    • Animation and View Controls
    • Strength Analysis
    • Plotting Basics
    • Modal & Frequency Response (NVH) Analysis
    • Crashworthiness Analysis
    • Publishing Results and Advanced Topics

Course Format:

  • Instructor led
  • Presentation and hands-on exercises, one student to a computer
  • 3 days (08.30-16.30 coffee and lunch breaks)


  • A basic knowledge of finite element analysis (recommended).

Suggested Follow-up Courses:


1728 Euro (exVAT)

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