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Altair HyperWorks provides a comprehensive solution to assist electronics companies on their goal for innovative products and to stay ahead of competition in an extremely fast paced and competitive high-tech industry.

Packaging Optimization at Mabe Mabe finds the right balance between protecting their products throughout transport and keeping the cost for packaging material low.

Electromagnetics in Electronics Read the white paper to see how Altair is using EM simulation to meet product specification while achieving an environment where products coexist and communicate in harmony. Read the White Paper

Due to the pressure of the competition today’s electronics market is forced to quickly deliver cutting-edge products at minimum cost. Innovation, time to market, and lower cost are the keys to succeed in this industry. Simulation technology has become a strategic tool and can significantly decrease product development time while simultaneously increasing product quality.

  • Dramatically shorten simulation time using market leading modeling and automation technology

  • Quickly find the best design for cutting-edge products by leveraging optimization technology

  • Rapidly perform drop simulation with a high level of accuracy to ensure product reliability

  • Guarantee product strength, vibration, and noise performance through comprehensive structural analysis solutions

  • Develop optimal kinematics for product function and ergonomics

  • Study electromagnetic behavior to meet product requirements and regulations

HyperMesh, HyperView, OptiStruct, HyperStudy, RADIOSS, and FEKO are the next generation simulation technologies being used by the world leading electronics companies.

“The improvements in packaging performance derived from the simulations during the entire design cycle were very significant. The maximum acceleration levels experienced by the product were reduced by 29 percent, and the maximum product strain was decreased by 28 percent.”

–Dante Sánchez Rojas

CAE Specialist


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Cell phone drop test simulation with RADIOSS Cell phone far-field radiation pattern with FEKO Humidifier water tank drop test (Courtesy of Panasonic) Washing machine design at Mabe (Courtesy of Mabe) Drop test simulation at Haier (Courtesy of Haier) Quad band dual antenna design for mobile devices HyperMesh model of a laptop (Courtesy of Lenovo)
Cell phone drop test simulation with RADIOSS Cell phone far-field radiation pattern with FEKO Humidifier water tank drop test (Courtesy of Panasonic) Washing machine design at Mabe (Courtesy of Mabe) Drop test simulation at Haier (Courtesy of Haier) Quad band dual antenna design for mobile devices HyperMesh model of a laptop (Courtesy of Lenovo)
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Faster Development

With the shortest product development cycle in any industry, electronics engineers cannot afford any delays in the model building process.

The HyperWorks product suite provides the answer right away. Fastest tools for model building, assembly, and process automation allow engineers to spend less time creating simulation models, and more time improving designs.

  • Reduce modeling times with the industry leading meshing and model assembly tools HyperMesh, SimLab and BatchMesher, which easily and quickly manages complex electronics assemblies

  • Speed up the routine tasks of creating FEA meshes, setting up models and generating reports using templates for the full CAE process with

  • HyperWorks Process Manager Dramatically shorten simulation time by factors of 5-20 times compared to traditional methods

  • Standardize CAE processes and capture knowledge and best practices with process automation


Altair is a worldwide leader in optimization technologies. More importantly, these technologies are implemented in an extremely user-friendly environment. This enables electronics engineers to conceive more innovative solutions to complex designs and minimizing material usage, which results in lower costs and often more environmentally friendly products.

Electronics engineers can quickly design the best solution for product performance by using the optimization and study tools in HyperWorks:

  • Quickly and easily discover structurally efficient concepts at the conceptual design stage using solidThinking Inspire

  • Rapidly find the best and practicable designs with the award winning structural optimization tool OptiStruct

  • Design for quality and reliability with the powerful DOE, stochastics and multi-disciplinary optimization capabilities of HyperStudy

Impact Simulation

Every electronic product must be designed to survive increasingly hostile user profiles. Customers expect not only enhanced usability and features, but solid durability and reliability. In many cases, the one dominant physical requirement that is the most difficult to overcome is the robustness in a drop test.

To meet this requirement, drop simulation has become the most common and important virtual test that electronics engineers conduct on daily basis. With the extremely short product design cycle, minimizing the time to run drop simulations is more important than ever. Altair fully understands the challenge and created a fully integrated, user-friendly end-to-end drop simulation solution, the Impact Simulation Director.

Altair HyperWorks offers the fastest and most reliable impact analysis solution in the industry:

  • Quality results from RADIOSS for the most reliable drop impact solutions in the industry

  • With the Advanced Mass Scaling technology, RADIOSS delivers faster simulation results allowing more studies to meet design requirements

  • Impact Simulation Director (ISD) automates the laborious, manual tasks associated with model setup, analysis, post-processing and reporting to reduce impact simulation time by up to 60%


Durability and warranty are paramount in an industry where customer loyalty is only as good as the latest product. Electronics engineers must assure their product withstands all operating conditions it must face.

Altair products enables the engineer to simulate all important operating conditions:

  • Comprehensive technology for stress, stiffness, thermal, and fatigue as well as a complete platform for modal analysis, frequency response, and acoustic response.

  • Simplify the simulation process and allow the analyst to spend more time to optimize performance with a template driven approach for automated model setup.

  • Obtain the best product attributes with optimization for strength, fatigue, noise, thermal, or any other physical result from the FEA models. Seamless integration in the Altair HyperWorks environment makes all the optimization solutions accessible for each solution type.

Multi-Body Dynamics

Electronics engineers utilize mechanisms for everything from contact simulation to complex motions. Sometimes these mechanisms are inside the product and are needed for proper function, but sometimes they are part of the user experience, and must be engineered as part of the product brand image.

HyperWorks has a fully integrated Multi-Body Dynamics (MBD) solution. The solver MotionSolve and the pre-processor MotionView empower electronics engineers to:

  • Develop the mechanisms through static, kinematic, dynamic and linear analyses

  • Design for durability by accurately predicting loads for FE and fatigue analysis

  • Solve for human factors by calculating the effort required to operate the mechanisms

  • Design and optimize mechanisms to meet both mechanical and human factor goals


In this new age of the Internet of Things (IoT), all our electronic gadgets communicate with each other. The antennas of these devices typically must operate across multiple frequency bands with severe restrictions on placement and size of such antennas inside the ever shrinking devices. Beyond the desired communications paths, all devices with electrical current must also be immune to unwanted “crosstalk”. Additionally, the public is becoming ever more aware of the risks of unwanted electromagnetic field exposure.

With all these competing requirements, it is clear that engineers are left with a complex design and optimization problem. Whether it is antenna design or placement, evaluation of electromagnetic fields in microcircuit designs or many other problems, FEKO is a proven tool to solve a variety of electromagnetic challenges.

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